Professional Mediators' Association(PMA)

Welcome to the Professional Mediators' Association (PMA). 

The Professional Mediators' Association (PMA) is the fastest growing mediation and ADR association in the world. We are a not-for-profit organisation based in London (UK). We facilitate and develop the provision of professional mediation services to businesses and more widely across society. This includes voluntary mediation, paid mediation consultancy and internal workplace mediation.

The PMA offers leadership in a fast growing and diverse mediation community. We are passionate about driving up standards in mediation and making mediation a credible and viable option for people in dispute or for those who are responsible for implementing dispute resolution practices, policies and procedures. This includes, politicians, lawyers, business leaders, HR professionals, public bodies, central and local Government and professional bodies etc. We support our members by developing world class mediation standards and by delivering a wide range of membership benefits.


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6 reasons why you should not join the PMA

I do not need to be part of a community of mediators

Think again. Mediation is growing in popularity and and the competition is hotting up. Joining a group of professionals dedicated towards championing the profession increases the prospects of further growth and therefore future work opportunities. As an individual mediator your chances of influencing policymakers and market conditions have less of an impact.

I cannot afford an annual membership

PMA membership bundles are diverse enough to encompass mediators of varied backgrounds,in addition to the value of joining the PMA we offer high value CPD events at little or no cost.Meaning membership of the PMA provides cost effective opportunities for your career development.

I am not sure what value the PMA offers

The PMA offers universal & transparent recognition of your skills as a mediator. It can be daunting to solely navigate the dispute resolution landscape thus we offer opportunities for you to swap skills and opportunities with like minded professionals as well as the industry related resources to keep your skills up to date.

Does the PMA boost my chances of employment?

Our members value PMA endorsements as this gives a consumers reassurance that you are a skilled and competent mediator. We do not offer mediation services thus any opportunities to deliver commercial mediation services are directed towards our membership base. To be precise we champion mediators at every opportunity so joining the PMA can certainly enhance your employment prospects.

I have better options than the PMA

We beg to differ. Our competency framework for career progression, code of conduct for mediators and low membership fees are unique in the market. We are a simple and non bureaucratic organisation that aims to assist stakeholders in the provision of mediation services. 

Can I  trust the PMA?

Why not? The PMA is governed by a board of experienced mediators and a set of transparent standards. We have no commercial interests in mediation and as part of our dedication to provide the best services for our members we are part of the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN). 

By being a Member of the Professional Associations Research Network, our professional body is:

  • Committed to good practice
  •  Kept up to date on current research
  •  Part of a network of professional bodies that learn from and share with each other

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